France owns an amazing elegance naturally. Following a mood board introduced by my dear friend Sofia Crokos, from Sofia Crokos Events and Lifestyle Wedding Planner based in New, York (named best wedding planner in the world by Harper’s Bazaar), I indulged from the very first moment into the baccarat style aura. That Wedding Style Shoot, for the wedding dresses’ designers, is often considered as a fashion editorial, well for me was even more, and I am so happy to share it with you! Velvet textures, passion colors, exquisite rearrangements, top-notch professionals, all inside the Little Versailles, as they nicknamed Villette. (Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Le Nôtre designed the Palace of Versailles at the same time as they designed the Château de Villette in the 1680s.)

Our hosting venue, full of forbidden city’s china and wall installations, is in the curtesy of The Heritage Collection. Chateau de Villette, has more than 185 acres (75 ha) of garden which were designed by André Le Nôtre (Versailles’ garden designer) and spread out behind the chateau in the central axis with two rectangular lakes filled with swans, ducks, birds and fishes, as well as a cascade and fountain that resembles the one at Louis XIV's Château de Marly, surmounted by Neptune.

My selection for the wedding gowns, was a top-one, from my new collection, and I aimed to follow up the class, elegance and authenticity of the surroundings. Our dresses are 100% handmade, and as I imagine my brides like figures and protagonists from history and acts, the same way I imagined our model, Angeliki, and picked up accordingly. Sparkling embroideries, ancient-Greek lines, cascading two-pieces wedding dresses, and of course my choice, most of the time, was the bride to be barefoot.

The chateau and the settings offered, profoundly, the chance to show up the movement of the fabrics of the gowns, the high quality of the embroideries and the coziness my brides enjoy inside them! Video and Photo-shootings inside the astonishing multiple bedrooms, along the lavish forests and the mazes, near the enormous wedding table and on the Louis XIV’s couches.

I could not but also share with you that the plates were form Haviland, the Napoleon’s silver pieces form Odiot (pieces exposed in the MET museum, New York) and that the blooming magic was brought to us by La Dame des Fleurs of the Ritz Paris, Anne Vitchen!
The photo credits belong to my new friends, Otto and James, from JamesxSchulze, named Best Wedding Photographers in the World, and the video credits to Panagiotis Kastanidis, named the most Aknowledged Wedding Videographer in Greece.