It’s not often for me to share such footage and experiences, but, since that destination Style Shoot was life changing for me, I could not resist but sharing with my friends here and my brides to be, how those days at Chateau de Villette, in Condecourt, France, unveiled.
It was not but only a couple of months ago that a wedding planner from New York approached me, Sofia Crokos (Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle named Best Wedding Planner in the World by Harper’s Bazaar) just passed by my atelier in Athens, and took a quick look. In October 2019 I received a message from my dear Sofia to take part in a style shoot in France. Dresses packed, tickets booked, Paris here we go!

Sofia inspired a sublime mood board and brought me together with Otto and James (JamesandSchulze CNB Best Wedding Photographers in the World), with Wedding Cinematographer Panagiotis Kastanidis (named most Acknowledged Wedding Videographer in Greece) and his associate Konstantinos. There we all met and cooperated with La Dame des Fleurs and new friend Anne Vitchen (Exclusive Floral Poetry in Ritz Paris) and our cake artist Bouchra (Sweet Creations Cakes, top 10 cake artist in France).

Porcelain touch and plates were from Haviland (Since 1842) and unique museum table pieces were brought from Odiot (Fondee a Paris in 1690). The wedding table pieces from 1817, are exposed in The Metropolitan Museum of New York (The MET). Two amazing silver Victory Candelabras were designed in 1809 by goldsmiths from Odiot, and they once were in the curtesy of Napoleon.

What I did not mention, is that apart from the dresses, as a Wedding Dresses Designer, I had also to choose a model. In less than 48 hours. Well, I am glad I managed to get in touch with my dear Angeliki Tsionou, with who we had an excellent partnership and collaboration. She was our chameleon model and my new #tzotzopoulaki (as my brides name themselves)! I arrived at the chateau after all, and I could not imagine how overwhelmed I would feel, since those days where like a school trip vacation. The day before the style shoot, we went to shop some groceries and stuff from the supermarket with Otto and James, they are adorable, and I cannot wait to collaborate with them again. We cooked all together in the kitchen, and all ate by the lake, on a magnificent marble table located on the grass of the chateau. Some raindrops made me wear a napkin on my head and thank you James for capturing this moment!

In the night we prepared with Giulia and Sofia some sandwiches for the next day (the big day!). Shootings inside the forests, in all rooms, oh how I loved the red room! And the trucks with the table settings arrived! The flowers of Anne bloomed inside the ground floor and the chateau smelled wondrously.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to each and every one with who we have collaborated excellently and to Sofia who has that insight and sees beneath people, to who they really are. Here is to our reunion my new and dear friends!