Anita – Charis


My dear friends, Anita Brand and Harris Christopoulos, got married in a small paradise, a tiny spot of tremendous beauty near Lefkada, Sikelianos island. In a sweet and discreet ceremony, which took place in the tiny chapel of the island, built on the ruins of goddess Aphrodite temple, with close friends we shared their love! The groom and the bride arrived barefoot, with a traditional wooden boat (kaiki). I feel blessed and extremely overwhelmed that I designed and created the wedding dress of my friend Anita. Maybe one of the most loving creations of mine to date, a wedding gown totally hand embroidered, of which every single neat stich represents a hearty wish! My bliss and joy are indescribable, whenever I accompany members of my wider family, to such lifetime moments. My sincerest wishes for a bright and full of joy life! Photo credits belong to my dear, Yiannis Alefantou.